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Review one of the most popular crypto products in the world, it is inevitable that Brave Browser has revealed that it has been used by millions of users. It is a new browser for responding to image netizens. new As well as claiming that it has more features and performance than previous browsers like Google Chrome or Mozila Firefox.
In this article, let's look at the details of the work and its advantages, is it as good as claimed?

What is Brave Browser?

Brave is a new browser for browsing the internet, like many other free browsers. But the part that makes it stand out from other browsers is the inevitable Anti-Ad feature and claims that it doesn't collect user data in any way.
Brave is able to block more advertisements than an extension in Google Chrome like Adblock Plus, but it's still unable to block Search Ads.
Brave's strengths are not only good at blocking ads But it is also the number one browser that gives user privacy. The user can choose to turn off the Ads as you wish, or even Script or Cookie. That is to say, the user can choose which part of data they want to share. It is the browser that gives the user power again. Because nowadays, many companies are using user data without permission and Brave is another force to help against those companies.

Brave makes money for internet surfers as well.

Read about this and may be shocked that Brave can make money as well? The answer is yes. Brave has features to create revenue for users as well. In which users can earn up to 70 percent from Brave Ads.
The ads in Brave are divided into 2 main categories: User Ads and Publisher Integrated Ads which differ only in revenue sharing.
  • User Ads - have the option to enable or disable If you don't like seeing ads, you can choose to block them. There is no need to pay anything to Brave, but if you look at Ads, it is a way for Brand to want to advertise to Brave users. Users will receive 70 percent of advertising costs and Brave get 30 percent.
  • Publisher Integrated Ads - Same as User Ads. Can be turned on or off. But users get 15 percent of advertising revenue, Verified Publishers earn 70 percent, and Brave get 15 percent.
For this reason Make Brave users just use the internet as normal And open the option to see ads Then can generate income It cannot be done in other browsers. There is also an option for users to tip or donate money to their favorite websites.

How do Brave advertisers pay to advertise?

Brave now uses the CPM model to charge ads. People who want to advertise will pay every 1,000 Impressions. In the future, Brave revealed that they will try out a new payment model. In which advertisers will pay Brave to be Fiat
Maybe in the future there will be some new models to see, such as CPS, because it will be able to choose which Publisher is generating more sales. And will allow more companies to advertise on the Brave platform, giving users the opportunity to see more advertisements. And earn more money

What is Basic Attention Token or BAT?

The Brave Browser features are not all that much. Because it is another important part of it And to mention it is BAT or Basic Attention Token, which is an intermediary to nourish the entire ecosystem of Brave.
Basic Attention Token is a cryptocurrency. That was created to disrupt the online advertising industry that is currently monopolized by two big giants, Google and Facebook. The two of them account for over 73 percent of all online advertising money And the team behind the Basic Attention Token wants to change this situation
It can work like Cryptocurrency General as well, such as trading on various trading sites, transferring to Wallet and other transactions
Using Smart Contracts, advertisers can send advertisements and pay token to users. When Brave users watch that advertisement Will receive tokens, the publisher that owns the ad space will also share, and Brave gets a small share of that, as explained in the previous section.
As a user, you can use BAT in various browsers such as Access to premium articles or products, donations to content creators, access to HD formats and information services, or if not interested can exchange BAT coins for US dollars. Or euros into our bank account too Which will have many new features gradually released to users to spend on other cool things by voting ideas on the web board.
With this type of advertising, everyone in the online advertising industry will get the full benefit.
  1. Users can surf the internet comfortably and with privacy. While also making money while using the internet
  2. Publisher is able to create content comfortably because there is no need to find any advertisements. Due to income from Brave
  3. Advertisers get more information that is more relevant to their campaign groups. Makes communication with interested people more effective

How much revenue is generated from watching Brave ads?

With features such as Brave Ads only being released shortly, only a few countries have access to this feature. So it's quite difficult to estimate
According to Brave CEO Brendan Eich, it is estimated that in the year 2019 Brave Ads launched, users can earn as much as $ 70 a year (about 2,133 baht) by watching advertisements. And it is estimated that if Brave continues to be popular like this, users will be able to earn up to $ 220 a year (about 6,706 baht) or more by the end of 2020.
Their goal is to find the right advertising price to get users' attention. Without fraud, arbitrage and misuse in the advertising system using BAT
For that default Revenue sharing of users will be sent to the website or content creator that they use the most. Whether on Youtube, Twitch and others on a monthly basis. Of course You can change this setting, so you can withdraw Basic Attention Token to our Wallet Ethereum as well. Then bring to change to Fiat money, whatever you want.

Brave Browser features and details that are interesting.

  • Browse the Internet Faster - Brave Browser has been proven to work faster than Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and others.
  • Privacy and security - Option to block the collection of Cookie, Fingerprint, Script, Phishing and Malware.
  • Encourage content creators - have a system that can be set up to send BAT coins to our favorite content creators. Can set a monthly budget of around $ 5-30 and then spread to the websites that we use often and find useful
  • Save time - by preventing Script, Ads, and Cookies from running, your web browsing will be much faster and save you more time.
  • Save money - advertisement download Meaning more data is needed And when downloading more data Users with limited internet (Most of the mobile) will waste the internet that should be used to do something else.
  • Donate money - if you find a content that is really impressive, you can donate to that content creator. Just press the BAT button in the top right corner, a popup will pop up, which can select how much you want to donate. How much to give
From all these advantages, it can be seen that Brave Browser is superior to others, whether creating a smoother internet experience, saving time, creating more revenue. And most importantly, it gives users options Is truly giving back power to internet players

Can also donate on Twitter

On 1 August, Brave just announced the new feature Tips on Twitter, or the possibility to donate via Twitter.
For now, if using Brave Browser, you can donate to that Twitter account in just a few clicks.

After making a donation, you can also share it with the other party that you donate.

This feature is still only available on the Desktop. How to donate is simple: just press the donation button with the BAT logo, select the amount and click Send. This is just another level for promoting content creators that We really like

Compare browser speed proofs

As I have written above, it has been proven that Brave Browser is actually faster than Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The testers have timed and accessed various websites and received the following information:
From the table, you can notice that Brave is able to run many times faster than other browsers, and today, with everything going fast, opening Google Chrome and loading the website for more than 3 seconds makes users frustrated. Therefore, most users who try to use Brave therefore do not want to go back to using the same browser.
The reason Brave works more quickly is that it has the option to block advertisements, Scirpt, Malware, Cookie and many others. At this time, only Brave gives users the option. This much
If any user has ever tried to create a website It is well understood that the various Scirpt on the website is one of the factors that makes the website run very slowly. Brave blocking that part makes it faster.

How is the Brave extension?

For some users who are worried that Brave does not support many extensions, they can stop worrying because Brave now supports almost every extension in Google Chrome.
The method for enabling extensions in Brave is similar to Google Chrome.
  1. Open Brave Browser and open the top right menu.
  2. Select More Tools> Extensions.
  3. Click Web Store.
Even though Brave hasn't fully supported extensions yet, it has now been fixed. Causing most users to become uninterrupted. What is the problem of migrating from other browsers to Brave?
After installing the extension, there will be a pop-up notification showing what information and permissions we are going to allow this extension to use. Reading those details before enabling them is a good thing. And this point shows how Brave respects users' data and privacy.
And if you are not satisfied with any extension, you can go to close, delete or read other details in the extension log as well.

There is Dark Mode too.

For any user who likes a dark screen, Brave also has this option. Which can change the background to black in Brave's Settings
For Windows, you can choose between Light or Dark as you like, but for Andriod and iOS, it's not open for this option. And the development team revealed that this is being done for mobile

How many Brave Browser users are there?

In early 2018, only 1 million Brave users were active. But at the beginning of 2019, the number of users jumped to 5.5 million, representing an increase of 450 percent in just one year.
In Google Play, the Brave app has been downloaded more than 20 million times but there is no such information for the Apple Store.
Unfortunately, Brave does not update their number of users every month, the latest data revealed is January 2019.
Brave is not an ICO project that focuses on the followers of Twitter to create a hype, but it is a project that has real products and millions of real users and is changing the lives of people around the world. already

Why should I use Brave?

If summarizing a simple reason why you should use Brave Browser, there are 5 main points as follows:
  1. Works many times faster than other browsers
  2. Save on Mobile Data to save money.
  3. Save time from blocking ads and various scripts.
  4. Can make money while surfing the internet
  5. Value our privacy
Of all these advantages It is not a difficult decision as to why to use a browser that is safer, faster and makes us more money. It blocks even the trackers on various websites, causing advertisers to be unable to continue shooting at us.
According to Ernestsembutnieks He has switched to Brave on mobile for 2 months, has blocked 25,935 ads and followers, upgraded to 5,436 times https, and saved him 21 minutes.
For Desktop, he has saved more than 44 minutes, which is considered one of the episodes of Game of Throne. And this only lasts 2 months Think about it. If we have been using Brave since 5 or 10 years ago, how much time can be saved?
If we are internet users who value our time, data, privacy and money. Should turn to something that supports that, and Brave is another solution that can be considered an excellent solution.
For those who are interested in using Brave, click here to download.
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